DOC [Doctoral Fellowship Programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences]

Within the fellowship program DOC the Austrian Academy of Sciences promotes excellent doctoral candidates in all research areas; goal of the program is to enable them to carry out their dissertation project within a definable period of time.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • no age limit
  • maximum 2 years after completion of the Diplom or Master degree (for exceptions see programme information)
  • enrolment as a doctoral candidate at an Austrian university
  • submission of a proposal and a reference letter of the supervisor

Amount of Funding:  38,000 euros annually before tax
                                     in addition, max. 500 euros annually for travel expenses

Funding Duration: 24 to 36 months

Deadline for Application: continuously


Reorganization of the Application Procedure

As of now applications for the DOC program will be accepted continuously, that means, applications submitted before or after the application deadline (September 15, 2017) that meet the eligibility requirements will be accepted as well.

An additional meeting of the fellowship committee will take place in November 2017. In this meeting those applications will be discussed that have been submitted by 31 August 2017 and have been reviewed by at least two international experts. Based on these reviews the committee will decide which applications will be funded.

As of 2018 the fellowship committee will meet in spring (March/April) and autumn (October/November) every year.

That means, that complete applications received by 15 October 2017 will be evaluated in the meeting in spring 2018; start of the fellowship will be possible from 1 July 2018. 

Complete applications received by 15 May 2018 will be evaluated in the meeting in autum 2018; start of fellowship will be possible from 1 January 2019.